Air Source Heat Pumps designed for dairy farms

The Eco House Dairy Farm Air Source Heat Pump system has been designed specifically with an advanced heat exchanger for the Dairy Farm industry

We carefully consider your energy usage, and then supply a new system that can
- Reduce the cost of milk cooling
- Reduce the cost of water heating
According to Farm Energy Centre reports, typical dairy farms consume 33% of electricity costs through milk cooling, whilst a further 33% applies to water heating – so mitigation activities in the parlour/dairy can provide useful savings.
(Yougen Report, Page 6)
On an average dairy farm, each milking point requires 18 litres of hot water for circulation cleaning ( Our heat exchanger system heats water between 60-80 degrees, providing you with an endless supply of hot water whenever you need it.

"DairyCo estimates the average dairy farm uses between 200kWh and 400kWh of electricity a cow a year and that the average cost of water is about £31 a cow a year, rising to more than £100 a cow a year on some units" (

Seperate systems mean each is only working as hard as it is required to.

By utilising the smart controller along with the self-regulation controls it not only supplies all the hot water when you need it, but also significantly reduces energy costs.
All achieved with our redesigned system. Using advanced refrigerant, an improved compressor and pump technology that results in higher performance and lower costs.
With spiralling energy costs this system is a must for todays modern Dairy Farm
- British Gas raises prices by 12.5% in 2017


We are proud Corporate Members of The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers and are working with The Royal Agricultural Society of England