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Ground Source Heating & Cooling Systems

A renewable form of energy, ground source heat pumps use the ground as their main energy source. They do this by utilising geothermal collectors or geothermal probes that are buried in your garden.

Ground source heat pump systems take heat energy that remains relatively constant in the ground and pass it through a heat exchanger into a heat pump, which works like a refrigerator but in reverse. Water heat pumps can also be used where water is available as a heat source.
  • Independent control of heating and hot water
  • Adaptive cooling feature
  • Can be installed with horizontal buried pipework or vertical boreholes where space is resticted

These solutions provide heating, hot water and cooling for your home. Combined geothermal heating and cooling systems provide you with warmth during colder weather. However, during the summer the process can be reversed to provide colder air to keep your home cooler and more comfortable. 

Ground source heating and cooling systems are becoming increasingly popular as people look for more carbon neutral, energy solutions for their homes. By utilising natural, abudant and renewable heat from the ground, these heat pumps and cooling systems can help you to cut your carbon footprint and reduce energy bills.

To further this efficiency and positive environmental effect, you could also run a heat pump using power generated on site by renewable power sources such as photovoltaic solar panels, wind turbines or simply by choosing green energy tariffs. 

Renewable Energy

As ground source heat pumps absorb heat from the ground rather than generate heat, they are considered a renewable fuel source. They are considered an eco-friendly alternative to conventional gas-powered systems. Using only electricity to operate, if this is sourced correctly, then the system can be regarded as carbon-neutral too.  

Design & Technology

To generate heat a heat pump thermal energy which is abundant in the natural environment. This energy is used to evaporate a specialised refrigerant that boils at a low temperature. The resulting gas is then compressed which raises the temperature to a very high level. A heat exchanger then transfers the energy from this gas to the heating system supplying your home. The refrigerant then condenses again and is expanded in an expansion valve. The process then starts once again.

Viessmann heat pumps and geothermal cooling systems use the most advanced components to ensure quiet operation, minimal vibrations and an extremely long service life.

Compact, quiet and attractive

Our compact, floor standing, heat pumps take up very little space and are particularly quiet when operating. Which makes them suitable for installation in a whole range of places which includes near the living space. They also feature easy to use control interfaces and are ready to connect direct from the factory.

Solar ready

All of our ground source heat pumps are designed ready for use with power generated on site, for example by photovoltaic systems, wind turbines or battery storage.
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