Guardian Today: Report by charity National Energy Action, fronted by I, Daniel Blake actor Dave Johns, says government must give more support Four million households in Britain face restricted life chances because their homes are cold, NEA says. Photograph: Graham Turner for the Guardian @ByRobDavies Tuesday 29 November 2016 00.01 GMT A child born in Britain today may never see fuel poverty eradicated, according to a report The report, published by charity National Energy Action to kick off its Warm Homes Campaign, documents stagnating efforts to solve fuel poverty. The government has pledged to make as many “fuel poor” homes as possible achieve a minimum standard of energy efficiency by 2030, in an
attempt to end fuel poverty. People in 4 million UK households face restricted life chances because they live in a cold, damp property, according to the NEA report. It warned that that the current rate of progress in tackling the problem means fuel poverty will not have ended by the time a child born today turns 80. The average life expectancy at birth in the UK is 83 years for girls and 79 for boys, according to the Office for National Statistics.