Heat exchanger systems are not new technology, using advanced Veissmann products we have advanced it to a new level!

A Heat Exchanger, also known as an Air Source Heat Pump, provides efficient, low cost and environmentally friendly heating and hot water systems for your home or business. Our system is the only system offering year-round performance and we guarantee to make you a saving on your bills
“Energy Prices set to double in the next five years… fuel poverty will triple affecting thousands accross the UK” ..... Guardian Newspaper
Our improved Heat Exchanger system provides huge savings to your energy bill
  • Independent control of hot water and central heating
  • Self-regulating system
  • No increase in electricity consumption
  • Boiler assistance only needed when outside temperature is below -20 degrees
  • All other companies will require boiler assistance
  • Advanced refrigerant - higher performance and lower costs

Air Source Heat Pump and Heat Exchange technology has been around for some 10 years

Primarily used for Central Heating and Domestic Hot Water. The problem has always been that it required a large amount of electricity to operate. This is because all previous systems ran continuously at a high electricity consumption regardless of the temperatures required
We have independent control of the hot water and central heating, which no other system can achieve. Two systems working as one - both focusing on their respective jobs
Our system is self-regulating – using the lowest amount of electricity required to generate the required heat. Boiler assistance only needed below -20 degrees. 
Other systems will double or triple your electricity bill. Our system will not

By not using your boiler this results in cleaner water in the heating system thus preventing common central heating issues (sludge, corrosion and trapped air) and overall performance. We also clean your system on installation
Advanced refrigerant, improved compressor and pump technology means higher performance and lower costs
A heat exchanger, or air source heat pump will reduce fuel bills, we are the only company offering this guarantee. Installations are custom built depending on the property, the needs and the system already in place.

It can be used effectively in domestic hot water and domestic heating and also commercially for hotels and leisure.
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No other companies can supply our system utilising Veissmann products.  Viessmann for over 100 years have been a world leading manufacturer of heating products and are known for their high standards of engineering design & reliability in the products that they manufacture.