Heat pump systems are not new technology, using Viessmann products we have advanced it to a new level!

An Air Source Heat Pump provides efficient, low cost and environmentally friendly heating and hot water systems for your home or business. Our system offers year-round performance and we guarantee to make you a saving on your bills.
The Heat Pump system we supply can make savings to your fuel bill, depending on lifestyle, efficiency of your home and energy usage, we will discuss this with you in detail when we visit.
  • Independent control of hot water and central heating
  • Weather compensating controls
  • Self-regulating system
  • Boiler assistance only needed when outside temperature is below -20 degrees
  • High standard of engineering design & reliability - higher performance and lower costs

Benefits of an air source heatpump over a traditional fossil fuel boiler come from its efficiency, and comfort due to using weather compensating controls. These detect the temperature outdoors and adjusts how hard the heatpump needs to work in order to provide enough heat to keep the house at the desired temperature but never too much. Our Viessman heatpump uses its weather compensation controls to maintain the temperature of the home at its optimum efficiency but when it recognises that the hot water in the tank needs a boost then it stops using weather compensation and provides the full 60C to heat the water storage, then returns to its weather compensation mode for maintaining the temperature of the home. Weather compensating controls and self-regulation, enable one system to focus on the two jobs of heating and hot water, only working as required.
Our system is self-regulating – using the lowest amount of electricity required to generate the required heat. Boiler assistance only needed below -20 degrees. 

By not using your boiler this results in cleaner water in the heating system thus preventing common central heating issues (sludge, corrosion and trapped air) and overall performance. We will also clean your system on installation
We carefully consider your lifestyle, your energy usage and your current thermal efficiency, and by doing so, we are the only company that will supply an air source heat pump and offer our own guarantee that you will make a saving on your fuel bills

It can be used effectively in domestic hot water and domestic heating and also commercially for hotels and leisure.
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Founded in 1917, Viessmann have for over 100 years been a world leading manufacturer of heating products and are known for their high standards of engineering design & reliability in the products that they manufacture.