Air Source Heat Pumps, or Heat Exchangers, make a very efficient alternative heating system for hot water heating. The system works on the same principles as your standard refrigerator system. The pump absorbs the heat from the outside air, which is then used to heat radiators, underfloor heating systems, and for heating water in your home. They can also heat swimming pools, hot tubs, spa pools, jet pools and dairy farms!
At Eco House Solutions, we set ourselves apart from most other companies by installing a heat exchanger system both internally and externally in most cases. Inside deals with hot water and outside with heating, independent of each other means you don't end up with higher fuel bills - we guarantee this. Most other systems will reduce gas usage of the traditional boiler, but then increase electric usage and thus increase the total cost of your fuel bill.
Internally we generally fit in an airing cupboard, loft or utility room, and externally a sheltered spot that isn't in the way or too obvious.
Both internal and external systems work the same way, absorbing heat from the air which is used to heat a liquid refrigerant. How? The liquid refrigerant is compressed to gas with the help of electricity. The compressed super-hot gas then condenses back to liquid to release heat. This hot fluid then passes through the network of tubes that are coiled inside another shell through which the water flows in the opposite direction. The heat is transferred to the water through a heat exchanger while the heating liquid and water flow alongside each other without coming in contact. The water temperature can easily go as high as 62°C. This system ensures that you have a continuous supply of hot water with cylinders up to 260 litres with various size options for hot water storage.
With a heat exchange system in place, you can enjoy fuel savings that amount to tens of thousands of pounds.
Eco House Solutions guarantee this saving and are the only company offering this as all others will increase total fuel bills.
Please get in touch to explore this innovative technology and discuss your requirements.