A heated swimming pool can be a costly affair with the wrong heating technology.

A heat exchange system for heating up a swimming pool is highly effective as well as energy efficient. With this system in place, you can considerably cut down on your energy bills. The heat exchanger system makes use of the outside air to generate heat to increase the temperature of water.

A heat exchanger, also known as an air source heat pump,  uses water drawn from the pool where it passes through a filter and then through the heat exchanger. The heat from the outside air is used to heat up the water through an advanced refrigerant, via a compressor. The air is then drawn over an evaporator coil. The refrigerant within this coil absorbs the heat from the outside air, converts into a hot gas which then passes through a condenser and transfers the heat from the hot gas to the cooler pool water. The heated water then returns to the pool.

At Eco House Solutions, Our Geiser  Swimming Pool Heating System is an improved and efficient system for heating up pools. This revolutionary new technology works on the principles of the traditional system but is more efficient and guarantees you a saving. It also works on hot tubs and jacuzzis too.

Here are some advantages of heat exchangers or ‘air source heat pumps’ or ‘heat pumps’ as they are also known;

    •    Can help you save up to 80% of the cost of heating your swimming pool
    •    Can heat indoor as well as outdoor pools
    •    Can be used for swimming pools of any size
    •    Can be used all year round
    •    They are environmentally friendly
    •    Can efficiently work at cold temperatures down to -15 degrees Celsius
    •    Self-regulating so don't waste energy

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