If you have read our previous articles, we have listed many great reasons why a heat exchanger system makes the best option for heating up a swimming pool or how it brings down the costs of hot water heating on a dairy farm.
This article talks about why it is advantageous to use an air source heat pump or heat exchanger to heat up your spa pool.

Here are is why:

    •    Helps you save up to 80% of the cost of heating your spa pool, jet pool or hot tub.
    •    This is the best option for spa’s and hotels who need a constant supply of hot water for their spa pool and hot tubs.
    •    The system works all year round down to -15 degrees Celsius external temperature.
    •    Self-regulating system means efficiency - only working when required.
    •    Low maintenance.
    •    Set-up costs are covered up with the savings in the initial year itself.
    •    Heats up spa and hot tubs faster in just 2 hours - perfect for water changes between users.
    •    Heat exchanger systems are one of the smartest technologies available.

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