Did you know that you can now save money and heat your swimming pool the eco-friendly way too? An air source heat pump for heating up a swimming pool is both highly effective and energy-efficient.

At Eco House Solutions, we supply Viessmann air source heat pumps, which use renewable energy that can save you money and at the same time, are environmentally friendly. As a swimming pool heating system, this is high quality, reliable and uses the latest technology. This system can effectively and efficiently heat any size swimming pool without escalating your energy bills.

Here are some advantages to this system:

  • You can make financial savings by heating your swimming pool using a heat pump. Depending on usage, thermal efficiency of the pool and the desired temperature, like for like compared to gas or older systems, this can make a considerable improvement.
  • This system can be used for indoor as well as outdoor pools no matter what the size.
  • Can be used all year round, and even down to -20 degrees celsius.
  • Viessmann systems are environmentally friendly.
  • This system is straightforward to install around your existing pump and filtration.
  • Maintenance of this system is simple and not very expensive.
  • The noise levels are minimal.
  • Viessmann heat pump systems are well built, using the latest technology and electrical programming - they will last a long time and save money.

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